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Fashion island

There are news that make you loose your faith in humanity. This is one: somewhere in Dubay, they are going to build an island dedicated to hight fashion and luxury lifestyle fits. This project is signed by Karl Lagerfeld.

Taking in account that women in the Arabian Emirates, at least in public, wear black robes from head to feet, I understand that they will never enjoy these shops, that will be only used by healthy women from the first world. Perhaps, there isn’t another better way to spend money. For example, there in the Middle East, where opulence lives with misery in the same place and time.

They could begin by paying salaries to their employées, instead of having them as half slaves. Sometimes, I think that this world has no cure and that we deserve everything that happens. But then, I think about the people who dedicates their lives to improve other’s conditions, and I hope it will be worth. This fashion designer should think twice before conducting this project, but as it’s well known, money rules the world

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